Ride Mode

The best board-to-binding connection

The SWAY is a heavy duty splitboard bindings system designed for heavy use in the mountains. All parts are CNC-machined for the perfect fit. With less parts and easier adjustments, we kept things simple and focused on function in alpine conditions. Along with weight reduction from the adapter plate/standard snowboard binding setup, Splitsticks' Sway binding System also increases board feel.

To change your board to ride mode, remove the climbing skin and the bindings by the pins. Connect your board halves by the Split hooks, and engage the nose and tail clips. Position your bindings over the disks and rotate the bindings onto the board. Push the pin through the slots and you are ready to go. A 360 degree disk system means security with no loose parts. The baseplate of the bindings are designed as a torsion fork that will lock on to your board.


Spit Disk System, the most minimalistic splitboard interface on the market

Torsion Flex CNC Machined Board to Binding Connection for solid board feel no matter what

Low Parts and Screws Policy for a minimum amount of screws and parts on the system


Superior performance in ride mode. The SplitDiskSystem provides direct and responsive riding without any slop. All interface parts are CNC-machined for the tightest fit. Change your board from hike to ride mode within seconds.