Hike Mode

Edgecontrol and traversing power

Splitsticks and the SWAY are made for efficiency on the hike up. No need to bend down for climbing bars, they can be engaged with just your poles. Keep your gloves on to put on crampons for quick in-and-out of icy or steep terrain. Traversing steeps is part of the fun when you do it so efficiently.

Changeovers from Hike-to-Ride mode is simple, even in stormy conditions with ice forming on the equipment. The Sway binding system is self-cleaning upon assembly. As you rotate each binding onto the mounted disks for ride mode, you will effectively remove snow and ice buildup.


Easy-to-use Climbing Bar for Maximum Edge Control

Highspeed durable Performance IGUS Bushings

Quickmount Crampons on the fly

Splitsticks Reduced Insert Pattern for long lasting superior flex and pop

Anti Ice Toe and Heelpads, less sticky, less cleaning, true boardfeel


The Sway is Splitsticks' answer to preexisting splitboard binding interfaces. Easy to use climbing bars, on-the-fly crampons mounting, superior edge control and less components means less snow on the sticks.