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Information is crucial for planning a good time in the mountains. Check out what the conditions are like around our home mountains and beyond, visit our friends or just surf around if you are bored and need some inspiration on things.

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Our Friends

Splitboarding.EU Interactive split community, the most complete source for the casual splithead. Old school bavarian splitboard community. American splitboard community.

Splitboardmag Spanish splitheads from the Pyrenees.

Nitro Snowboards Our partners in crime. Love you longtime.

Kohla Tirol Also our partners in crime. Skins, packs, poles and more.

Kluger Sondermaschinenbau Quality German engineering at its best. These guys get it done.

Spurart Custom Snowboards and Splits (and Skis) handcrafted in Innsbruck.

Wildschnee Bavarian Split Guru and Split Mastermind. Very exclusive stuff.