Climbing Skins

traction and mounting of skins will make a difference

In cooperation with Kohla we make custom skins for our boards. All skins are precut onto our board shapes. The reliable Cobra Twin System Skin Hooks are mounted on the tail and nose to make sure the skins stay where they should. Mix-Mohair skins offer durability paired with really good gliding performance. All skins are rubber-sealed on the edges to prevent water intake, so the skins stay dry and light even when wet.

€ 120

without shipping and custom-fees, including 20% VAT


Tyrolean Mountaineering Experience from Kohla. The Skins perfectly fit the shape of our boards. Rubber sealed edges prevent water intake & mix mohair keeps your skins robust and lightweight.


Skin Specifications


mix-mohair (30% nylon, 70% mohair)


Cobra Twin nose- & tail clips


precut to fit the shape of the board perfectly


rubber-sealed edges to prevent water intake