Season 2013/2014
· winter is coming ·

Splitsticks is proud to present the 2013/14 edition of splits. Yes, we are going into our second season. Winter is coming, and it won´t be long until many of us will wake up in the morning to snow covered peaks. Another winter, another chance to complete projects, ride new lines, and check out new mountains, What was already pretty good last year, could only get better.

Ride Infinite

The shreds:
· Born in the Alps - ready for anything ·

Splitsticks lineup 2013/2014:

We build boards for the alps, which are natural allrounders. All of our boards are on the stiffer side, because you need control and a safe step for the up. All of our boards offer camber between bindings. Bases are super tough, because mountains are rocky in the alps. Conditions here can vary a lot, with pow, crust, windpressed stuff, ice and slush in one run. We want performance all the way.

The Slasher series is our workhorse collection, the one and only that does it all for you. The rather stiff board aims for all-mountain performance at high speeds, sometimes reminding you that it really wants to be ridden with any power you have left in your legs.

Then it really comes to life, providing you with insane control in any terrain. Powder runs usually end up with long big turns at warp speed, followed by massive slashes into some windlips along the way. Sudden ice on a blown ridge or tight chute might surprise you, but not the Slasher. It switches from reckless pow slashing to solid edge control in a fraction of a second.

As soon as you get back down into the tight trees, the Slasher shows its gentle side. Quick surfy turns with precise control through heavy slush or slaloming trees in waist deep pow, launching yourself off pillows with ease, no problem.

Enjoy the ride.

For the ultimate experience we decided to equip the Slasher with carbon laminates. Pretty much the same board as the Slasher, just with even more camber, more pop, more response, more torsional stiffness at less weight. This one is insane.

Binding and Interface:
· The Sway Binding -
the SplitSticks Way ·

The Sway is a complete new approach to splitboarding especially designed for climbing up and riding down. The slick and streamline split disc system provides extra torsional stability and edge-hold in shred mode, superior edge-control in hike mode. Super easy changeovers from hike to ride and back and of course also killer-bite crampons are just the main features we put into game. And there is more. Stance widths and angles are easy to adjust, the binding can be adjusted in length and width, providing the perfect fit for your boot.

the full package
· including board, interface, bindings, crampons and skins ·

including Board, Bindings, Interface, Crampons, Skins

€ 1.500,-*

including Board, Bindings, Interface, Crampons, Skins

€ 1.800,-*

* without shipping and custom-fees; including 20% VAT

Your board is shipped completely assembled, simply adjust the bindings to the size of your boots and set your stance and angles. The Skins come precut to fit your board-length perfectly. Ready to shred within minutes.



Kohla 4-piece pole 55cm

€ 90,-*

Adapter Discs

4 x 2 Standard holepattern adapter discs

€ 90,-*

Since the binding offers so much quality to ride, why not use them on your regular shred? Optional adapter discs for the 4x2 standard hole pattern make this change happen in seconds.

* without shipping and custom-fees; including 20% VAT

The SplitSticks Story
· keep things easy ·

What was a crazy idea 3 years ago is now a fully functional, robust and reliable all mountain tool that keeps us busy from october to may. The main idea behind splitsticks was always to keep things as simple as possible.

Splitsticks easy.

your infinite ride is just a few clicks away.

We have already started our 2013/14 production and our products will be available soon.
For specific questions shoot us an email:

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